'- log p'

'- log p' is the debut release by the Hamburg based improvising duo David Wallraf and Klaus Frieler. The group takes a contemporary approach to classical concepts of Minimalism and Kraut. Repetition and layering are some of the main characteristics in the creation of rhythmical complexity through drums, field recordings and electronics.

'- log p'

Music by David Wallraf, Klaus Frieler. Mastering by Brandon Hocura. Design by Konstantin Bessonov, Phil Struck. Produced in 2019. 

A1 – sum p log p
A2 – p(AB)p(B)p(A)
A3 – E = hf
B1 – (^H-E)psi = 0
B2 – r_S = 2GMc^2
B3 – f'g+fg'

6 Tracks

Length 00:54:49
Pro-dubbed Ferro Tape
Limited Edition of 50 

Released May 2nd, 2019



Spanning five years worth of live improvisations recorded by a German duo sparring noisemaking electronics and drum kit, - log p by H (one of the first tape issued by the brand new and mysterious STOFFE imprint from Hamburg) shouldn’t be anything like as cohesive and satisfying as it is. Recorded in a practice room at Hamburg’s FleischGroßmarkt, these six tracks head deep into long rhythmic wig outs, perhaps latently resembling Black Dice or even Boredoms. But overall it’s slower and darker – haunted even. Tracks such as the catchily titled ‘p(AB)p(B)p(A)’ go menacingly nowhere slowly for ten minutes at a stretch. David Wallraf mans the aforementioned electronic noisemaking gear, with online video clips showing him controlling banks of netted synth modules and mixers, yelling inaudible gibberish into processed microphones, turning voltage into a mixture of cycling drones, bass buzz, and leering ambience. The fact that drummer Klaus Frieler is so patient throughout is perhaps the key to what makes H so damn compelling for such a simple duo. He calmly moves forward on the lengthy ‘E = hf’ without ever falling into a motorik loop or pounding angrily; he just calmly sets the pace while Wallraf’s bed of noisy flowers slowly blooms into a breathtaking chaos of bubbling electronics growing angry. They take their time getting there, but H at their peak are something exceptional. Tristan Bath, The Quietus


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