Manuel Chittka

Solo debut by multi-instrumentalist Manuel Chittka. The Love-Songs, Jungstötter and Pantha du Prince associated drummer creates two compositions of intimate beauty. EIGENMODEN is both, rhythm-based, and at the same time softly swayed by modular electronics. Making this release a personal and contrasting accentuation of contemporary Minimalism, Ambient and Jazz. The music was recorded in Hamburg-Altona and Berlin-Marzahn and mastered by Italian film composer Giuseppe Ielasi.

Manuel Chittka 'EIGENMODEN'
A1 – A
B1 – B 
Music by Manuel Chittka. Mastering by Giuseppe Ielasi. Photo by Cheyna Carr. Design by Konstantin Bessonov. Produced in 2021.

2 Tracks

Length 00:35:50
Pro-dubbed Ferro Tape
Limited Edition of 50


Released October 19th, 2021



A layered electro-percussive music that is supposed to flow in a tangible pulse and combines moving textures with detailed events. Mostly tuned metal percussion instruments like gongs, cymbals, or metallophones ring and sizzle together and unfold both meditative and noisy. Manuel Chittka

I was not familiar with this German percussionist, although he's been involved in a lot of different projects over the years. On this solo recording he offers a cool approach to integrating drums and electronics into a seamless avant whole. Sections are a bit reminiscent of Matt Weston's superb solo work, but Chittka manages to keep his drums near the centre of things no matter what the electronics are doing. The layered manipulation of bells, skins and other poundable objects is what makes this tape such a fine listen. Byron Coley, THE WIRE


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